About Joe

Strong Conservative Leadership

  • Principled Fiscal Conservative
    Joe secured a balanced budget that holds the line on wasteful spending and is accountable to our families.
  • Praised by the NRA
    Joe received an A+ rating from the NRA, is dedicated to preserving our constitutional freedoms and will protect the rights of all Florida’s law-abiding gun owners.
  • Lowered Taxes for Our Families
    Joe delivered results for Florida taxpayers – returning almost $400 million in savings to our families in reduced tag and title fees.
  • Strengthened Our Economy
    Joe built a stronger economy by setting aside over $3 billion in reserves in Florida’s budget to provide businesses with more stability and certainty.
  • Tough on Illegal Immigration
    Joe opposed our tax dollars from being used by illegal immigrants and voted against in-state tuition for undocumented students.
  • Bringing Justice to Victims
    Joe sponsored a bill (now law) that expedites the death penalty and eliminates frivolous delays for criminals in Florida convicted of first degree murder in capital cases.
  • Keeping Our Families Safe
    Joe cracked down on sexual predators by strengthening our state’s laws to ensure that those who prey on our children are locked up and behind bars.